Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter PEST Wonders

Winter pest control is important for many reasons. Any thorough  pest control provider will tell you that comprehensive inspections are required to keep you pest free.   In order to ensure that insects are not invading your perimeter barrier it is best to stay on schedule with your regular service.  Pesticides breakdown and must be reapplied.  Keep your home protected even through winter.

Not all insects survive winter in the same way, but they do survive. Pests adapt to the changing environment.  Many new challenges arise in the cooler months, including rodents and pests invading our homes looking for shelter. 

Glycerol is a chemical produced by some insects to help them survive during winter. We use to make antifreeze.  It is believed that insects produce this chemical involuntarily when the temperatures drop.  Then as they sense a warming in temperatures, either from unseasonably warm days or from the burning furnace, they begin to function as bugs do.  Invading your space.

Other insects will seek out shelter in your warm home through small cracks and crevices. This is why winter pest control service is very important.  It is an opportunity to treat doors, windows and other potential entry points.  The best way to keep your property pest free is prevention.  A winter treatment can prevent big problems in the spring when pest are most active.

ACME is here to protect your home in winter.  Call us today (817) 784-6838 to schedule a FREE 57-Point Termite and Pest Audit.  We will help you to determine conducive conditions, come up with a treatment plan and get you on the path to a pest free property.  It is your choice.  You don't have to live with bugs in your home.

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