Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Have Termites... Now WHAT?

We're  All Here For a Purpose

The environment is a miracle.  It is a marvelous cycle of systems.  Within each system there are many wonderful events that are equally cyclical and amazing, right down to the tiniest creatures.  Including termites. 

Few creatures are capable of breaking down cellulose into to usable nutrients, the termite is one of these creatures.  Worker termites use the protozoa and bacteria from their hindgut to digest  cellulose.  What that means for us is that they are turning decaying wood into dirt.  Have you ever paid for dirt?  I'm willing to bet that you have.   Your home is right on top of some, right?  Thus, every creature serves a purpose.

Now you know why termites are important.  Your dirt… or more to the point… your home that sits right on top of that dirt is equally important, right? 

Termites nest in soil because that is where they get the moisture they need to survive.  Termites feed on wood that is in contact with that soil.  If you have wood, especially moist wood, touching your home and  soil then you have just created the perfect habitat for termites.  Just like us they like to eat and drink.

Here is what you can do to be respectful of your investment:

Walk around your home.  Rake the leaves away from the house… moisture!  Inspect the concrete foundation.  Is the soil above the concrete foundation?  If so, your visibility is limited… Call ACME Termite & Pest Management LLC for help!

Open up those blinds to  let the sunshine in.  Do you see termite swarmers in your window seals?  Call ACME Termite & Pest Management LLC for help!

Here's what we can do to be respectful of your investment:

Give you a FREE 57-Point Inspection to determine if you have a termite infestation. 

Teach you about termite infestations. 

Treat your home if there is a problem. 

Protect your home from infestation.

Use products that are reliable and safe.

Treat you with respect by offering a thorough service worth every cent you invest.

Set up an inspection today! 
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  1. I Have Termites... Now WHAT?

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